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The art of using materials sustainably.

R.PLAST is a recycling and retail company for thermoplastic primary and secondary plastics. We have been focusing on the recycling of thermoplastics for over 25 years. We focus on the production and marketing of high quality grists, agglomerates, regranulates and compounds from clean, single-variety production residues from the plastics production and processing industry. We focus on the area of polypropylene and on PP-based plastic mixes. We also offer our services to third parties.


The following products pass through our circle: PP, PP/TPE, PP/PE, PP/EPDM, PP/SBS, PP/ALU, EPP, TPO – and in the form of fenders, bottles, production purgings, faulty components from production, seals, (deep draw) films, liners, profiles, filters, sprues, panels and similar manifestations. The residual materials are supplied in containers, octabins/cartons, lattice boxes, bales or on rollers.

Our product range also includes PE, PS and ABS. Please contact us if you are unable to find your product in this list.

During the processing of your residual materials in our company, the transition from waste to product is completed in accordance with Article 6 of the European Waste Directive 2008/98/EC.

To ensure the products we put on the market are Reach-compliant, we require your help. Please tell us the area of use that your residual materials originate from, e.g. automotive, food packaging, etc. It is also helpful to us if you provide us with sections 2 and 3 of the safety datasheets pertaining to your raw materials. With PVC residual materials we require this data under all circumstances.


what we do, but also because of  how we do it. Our customers' expectations have been successfully incorporated in the configuration of our circles for over 20 years. Follow our declaration, find out about us, our experience  and innovatio.